Autel and MOTOR TruSpeed: Consistently Effective Repairs

As featured on Brake & Front End, June 10, 2024

Be effective, not efficient, the father of modern management theory, Peter Drucker, once said. He defined efficiency as accomplishing a task with the least amount of resources, such as time and effort, and effectiveness as choosing the right task to achieve with the desired goal defined and clearly visible.

When Autel partnered with MOTOR Information Systems to bring its TruSpeed service and repair database to the Autel Ultra series line of advanced diagnostics tablets, its intent was to give its user technicians the keys to an effective repair strategy, providing an all-in-one diagnostics and repair solution right at car side.

TruSpeed offers comprehensive, OE-sourced repair and service data for 1985 and newer domestic and import passenger vehicles for the US market, including Hyundai/KIA, Honda/Acura, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge, Chevy, Buick, Audi/VW, Nissan/Infiniti, Subaru, Volvo, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Alpha Romeo, and Mitsubishi. At this time, Ford and Toyota data is not available.

Techs can rely on the accuracy and relevance of the data, as MOTOR publishes its information within days of release from the automakers. With TruSpeed, Autel techs can, with a tap on the tablet screen, go from an all-system scan and fault detection within the Autel MaxiSYS application to the TruSpeed code analysis and step-by-step service procedures, and component locations. The integration between the Autel MaxiSYS diagnostic application and TruSpeed is highly effective, bringing the tech to the relevant TruSpeed data based on the vehicle identification and the system scan detected faults.

TruSpeed also offers manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules based on mileage and time, technical specifications for different vehicle components, service codes, and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs).

MOTOR TruSpeed Repair Data

As vehicles went from a few modules to a hundred, communication networks went from LIN and CAN to FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet, and safety systems started to include the use of cameras and radar that work both together and independently, effective diagnostics, service and repair technicians need for richer data, and guidance from the OEs grew as well.

Here is that data, with TruSpeed offering an extensive library of color-coded and detailed VIN-specific wiring diagrams. Here, too, is data related to the many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) so common in today’s vehicles, offering insight into how these systems might be affected by a seemingly non-related repair and the services and calibrations required. OE Position Statements are also available to define the OE-required repairs and services further.

TruSpeed is available through a paid subscription of $650 per year, which is a little over $54 a month. Ultra series tablet users can purchase TruSpeed directly on their tablet or with an Autel TruSpeed subscription card purchased from an authorized Autel dealer.

Drucker also offered to focus on opportunities, not problems. TruSpeed on Autel seems like a great opportunity to make an efficient tech an effective one.

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