How to relearn TPMS sensors?

1. If the sensor is an OEM sensor, follow the Relearn Procedure displayed on the Autel TPMS tools.

2. If the sensor is an Autel sensor, program the sensor, then select Relearn Procedure and follow the instructions displayed.

  • To avoid having to relearn TPMS sensor, program the MX-Sensor using the “Copy by Activation” method or the “Copy by OBD” method or the “Manual Input” method.
  • Copy by Activation: activate all tire pressure sensors, select “Copy by Activation”, and then select the wheel where the new sensor will be. The sensor ID of the existing sensor (read by activation) is programmed to the new Autel sensor.
  • Copy by OBD: connect the tool to the OBD port on the vehicle and read the sensor IDs, select “Copy by OBD”, and select the wheel location for the new sensor. This method reads the TPMS module and programs the registered sensor ID for the wheel to the new Autel sensor.
  • Copy by Manual Input: Select the Copy by Manual Input program method and enter the TPMS sensor ID imprinted on the sensor. Ensure that the correct ID setting has been selected, Hexadecimal or Decimal. Hexadecimal IDs contain letters and numbers.
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