Autel Academy Training

Autel Academy Technical Training

How to register + FAQS

Visit the Autel Academy to view all available courses, classes, and dates.
When you decide on your class, location, and date, click Register.
Fill out the registration form with each attendee’s email and info.
To complete registration, pay by credit card or use an Autel Academy Card Redemption Code (found on the back of an Autel Academy card).
Autel Academy Redemption Cards

Once payment is successful, check your email inbox for confirmation of your registration and for other important information about your class and reservation. If you have additional questions, email the Autel Academy at


Q: Does my Autel dealer register Autel Academy training for me?
A: No, all attendees must register their own training.

Q: Is Autel training booked automatically when an Autel tool is purchased or registered?
A: No, the purchase and registration of any Autel tool or ADAS system does not automatically register training.

Q: How can I pay for Autel Academy Training?
A: There are 2 ways to successfully register for Autel Academy training on the Autel website portal: by credit
card, or with a Redemption code found on the back of Autel Academy Cards.

Q: Where/how do I receive an Autel Academy Card and Redemption code?
A: Please check with your authorized Autel tool dealer.

Q: Does my Autel tool purchase include an Autel Academy card?
A: Please check with your authorized Autel tool dealer.

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