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Single Workflow

Save time and money

With a single workflow and tool

In addition to state-of-the art battery and electrical system diagnostics, the Autel MaxiBAS tools are the only battery testers that also communicate with the vehicle using Autel’s advanced diagnostics software.Why is this important? The included VCI200 provides an all-systems health check, the ability to read and clear codes, and integrates time saving BMS resets and registrations, all with a single tool. This advanced functionality makes the MaxiBas lineup of battery tools unrivaled in the industry.

Customer Loyalty

Improve customer loyalty

with a safer and more thorough service

The majority of your customers would prefer to know that their battery is about to fail, versus finding out after it’s too late. Recent studies also indicate that consumers will share their experience, positive or negative, with up-to 11 people.

Increase Revenue

Increase recurring revenue

with battery & all-system health checks

Performing a quick battery and all-systems health check before a customer leaves the shop will increase battery sales, and provide a more complete service. Simplified Autel report generation and the ability to share reports with your customers via printed copy, email, or even text message makes a streamlined workflow even easier.

100 Million

6 & 12-volt batteries are
replaced each year in the u.s.*


Batteries on the road will require
replacement in the next 12 months**

*Approximate statistic – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

**IMR Replacement Rate Syndicated Research – US Consumers, 2021

Autel MaxiBAS
BMS Functions

Advanced BMS functions
& All-System Diagnostics

  • Battery & Electrical System Resets
  • One-touch Battery Registration
  • 12 and 48 Volt Lithium Ion Capabilities for Mild Hybrid Vehicle Applications
  • Read and Clear Codes
Battery Diagnostics

Advanced Battery
Diagnostics & Service

  • Adaptive Conductance Technology Reduces Battery Misdiagnosis
  • Eliminate Charge and Retests On Discharged Batteries
  • Quickly Diagnose Low-capacity Batteries
Streamlined Workflow

Streamlined Workflow
and detailed Procedures

  • Largest Vehicle Coverage in the Category
  • Automatic Vehicle ID with AutoVin, VINscan, and Plate Scan
  • Battery Location Diagrams and Guided Replacement Instructions
  • Print, Email, or Text Battery and Health Reports to Customer
MaxiBAS BT609


The MaxiBAS BT609 is engineered to be the ultimate service function and battery testing tool, delivering faster and more complete check-ins at any repair shop.

MaxiBAS 608


The MaxiBAS BT608 is the most versatile standalone handheld battery tester and multi point inspection tool on the market. Capture a complete snapshot of every vehicle’s battery and electrical system health, plus gain visibility into all available systems and fault codes.

MaxiBAS 508


The MaxiBAS BT508 is the ideal DIY battery and electrical diagnostics and service tool and includes a wireless Bluetooth vehicle communication interface, enabling battery and electrical component registration. Powered by the free Autel IOS or Android app.

MaxiBAS 506


The MaxiBAS BT506 is the ultimate battery, starting and charging systems upgrade for existing Autel MaxiSYS tablets, or is a powerful standalone battery and electrical system tester. Powered by the free Autel IOS or Android app.

BT609 BT608 BT508 BT506
Software Updates 1 Year Warranty & Wi-Fi Software Updates FREE Wi-Fi Software Updates for the Life of the Tool FREE App Updates FREE App Updates
Diagnostics AutoSCAN: All System Diagnostics / Maintenance Service Resets AutoSCAN: All System Diagnostics AutoSCAN: All System Diagnostics (1 make only)
Hardware & Software 7-inch Touchscreen / Android 9.0 / 1.5GHz Processor / 64G Memory 5.5-inch Touchscreen / Android 9.0 Free Android or IOS App Free Android or IOS App
Vehicle Makes Supported 53 Vehicle Makes 53 Vehicle Makes 1 Vehicle Make if Applicable
Battery Registration
& System Resets
As Required As Required If Vehicle Make Selected is Required
Vehicle ID AutoVIN, VINScan, Plate Scan AutoVIN, VINScan, Plate Scan AutoVIN
Application 6V and 12V Batteries and 12V and 24V Cranking/Charging Systems
Rating System CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, SAE, IEC, EN, EN2, BCI, GB
Battery Type Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB and GEL
Operation Range 100 – 3000 CCA 100 – 2000 CCA

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Recommended battery tester accessories

Memory Saver

Battery Tester
Memory Saver

Save time by preserving vehicle codes and electronic presets when replacing batteries. Connect to the vehicle via OBDII and a 12 volt backup battery with the included alligator clips.

OBD2 Extension Cable

Extension Cable

Extend your OBDII reach and never lose another VCI. Compatible with all OBDII-compliant VCIs.

BTAK Multimeter

BTAK Multimeter
& Current Clamp

The BTAK enables technicians to safely and easily troubleshoot vehicle electrical systems and components. BT609 & BT608: starting and charging testing plus multimeter and amp clamp capabilities. BT508 & BT506: starting and charging testing only.

Calculate your Battery Service revenue potential

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How quickly can you recoup your investment?

How quickly can you recoup your investment?

How quickly can you recoup your investment?

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