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IA800 Optical ADAS Positioning System

MaxiSys IA800 Intelligent ADAS

The MaxiSYS IA800 Intelligent ADAS Calibration expansion package enables frame placement in as little as 1 minute to make your ADAS calibrations faster, more accurate, and endlessly repeatable. This professional Optical Positioning System for the Autel Standard Calibration Frame includes 6 high-resolution cameras, wheel clamps, and targets.

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IA800 Intelligent ADAS: Optical Positioning System

The fastest and most precise calibration frame positioning without mechanical measurement. The Autel Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System features six high-resolution cameras to deliver 3-dimensional adjustment for the most accurate frame centering and vehicle distance recognition. Compatible with your existing Autel Standard Calibration Frame, and designed for seamless integration, this new component system optically measures two-wheel clamp targets to significantly cut down setup time and increase placement precision. Most extensive Camera, Radar, Lidar, and Night Vision Calibration Coverage in the industry.

ADAS Standard Calibration Frame

IA800 Expansion Package

Easily install to upgrase the capability of your Autel Standard Calibration frame to quickly position without mechanical measurements.

ADAS Expansion Packaae

Required Products to use this Expansion Package (sold separately)

  • Autel ADAS Standard Calibration Frame Package
  • MaxiSYS Tablet with ADAS Calibration Software

6 High-Resolution 3D Imaging Cameras

The IA800 advanced 3D camera technology provides the most accurate and fastest calibration frame placement by removing the tape measure, plumb bobs, string and mirrors from your setup process. Know that your team is using the most current vehicle data and technology, ensuring all calibrations are completed accurately and returned to vehicle owners safely.

3D Imaging Cameras

Camera Features

Camera Features:

  • Three-Dimensional Scan of Vehicle
  • Measures Distance, Frame Angle and Frame Offset in 1 Step
  • Two Cameras on Each End of Crossbar to Identify Wheel Targets
  • One Camera at Center of Crossbar to Measure Distance
  • One Camera for Self-Calibration

IA800 Expansion Package Also Includes

Know that your team is using the most current vehicle data and technology ensuring all calibrations are completed accurately and returned to vehicle owners safely. The IA800 Expansion Package also includes: 4 Wheel Clamps, 1 Distance Target, 2 ADAS Calibration Targets, 2 Alignment Check Targets, 2 Wheel Chocks, Tablet Support Stand, Steering Wheel Lock, and 24V Power Adapter.

ADAS Expansion Packages

4-Step Intelligent ADAS Workflow

ADAS Alignment Check


Pre-Check (New Feature)
  • Perform Accurate Alignment Check and Easily Add Confirmation to the Diagnostic Pre-SCAN Report
  • Quickly Identify Wheel Alignment Issues that Can Affect the Accuracy of Calibration
  • Use the Pre-CHECK Function Alone to Generate Revenue From Needed Suspension Repair, Without Tying Up Your Alignment Machine.

Measurement Result


  • Eliminate Manual Measuring and Reduce the Chances of Mistakes
  • Digitally Position Calibration Frame Quickly with Only 1 Technician Needed
  • Illustrated, Step-By-Step Instructions Guide the User Frame Placement Process Simply Follow the On-Screen Prompts

Digitally Positioned Frame


  • Color Coded Values Indicate Accurate Amount of Frame Movement Required (Orange, Yellow, Green)
  • Complete the Calibration Process with Any ADAS Capable Autel MaxiSYS Scan Tool
  • Run a Post-SCAN to Generate a Complete ADAS Calibration Report to Show Validation

Calibration Frame Adjustment


  • Accurate and Easily Read Report Providing Submittable Proof of Vehicle Alignment and Calibration Accuracy Before Returned to Owner
  • PreSCAN / PostSCAN Report Easily Shared with Insurance Carrier by Print, Digital PDFs or Email
  • Run a Post-Scan to Generate a Complete ADAS Calibration Report to Show Validation
Vehicle Diagnostic Report
  • Pre-Scan System for Faults Prior to Servicing Vehicle Document Pre-Existing DTCs
  • Add Photographs Of Any Pre-Existing Vehicle Damage
  • Easy Identify ADAS Modules
  • Add Technician Notes Directly from the MaxiSys Scan Tool
  • Time & Date Stamps for Every Step Completed
  • Detailed Alignment and Calibration Validation Reports
Autel follows OE recommendations for completing ADAS calibrations indoors on level ground to ensure calibrations are completed correctly and returned to vehicle owners safely.
Live Positioning Measurement

Maximize Shop Efficiency

Improve productivity by managing more of the repair process in shop to return vehicles to customers faster and safer all while meeting OEM specifications.

PLUS fully integrates with Autel’s MaxiSYS software to enable live positioning optical measurement.


  • Intelligent optical positioning system for Autel Standard Calibration Frame
  • Includes 6 hi-res cameras, wheel clamps, targets, and power supply
  • Complete ADAS calibration frame positioning in as little as 1 minute
  • Do away with mechanical measurements
  • Significantly reduce setup time and increase positioning accuracy
  • Ideal for collision repair, glass replacement, and repair shops
  • Fast, accurate, and easy
  • Check alignment tolerances prior to calibration
  • One-year Limited Warranty



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