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What is ADAS?

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are technological features that are designed to improve driver safety and prevent automotive accidents. ADAS utilizes sensors such as radar, sonar, lidar and cameras to perceive the world around the vehicle, and either provide critical information to the driver or take automatic action to avoid or mitigate the effects of a crash.

ADAS systems are designed to increase driver safety and decrease the number and/or the severity of automotive accidents. According to a study conducted by AAA foundation, ADAS has the potential to prevent 40% of all vehicle crashes, 37% of injuries and 29% of vehicular deaths.

ADAS applications

What they are & what they do

ADAS sensors need to be precisely aimed and calibrated to function correctly. A sensor or camera even slightly out of alignment could result in its scanning area to be off-axis by 50 feet or more, which might cause it to miss hazards.

ADAS Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC | Adaptive Cruise Control

Adjusts Vehicle Speed to Maintain a Safe Distance with Vehicles Ahead

Light Imaging Detection

LIDAR | Light Imaging Detection

Detects Objects in Vehicle Vicinity to Create a 3D Map of Objects and Surroundings

Around View Monitoring

AVM | Around View Monitoring

Provides 360-Degree, Bird’s-Eye View to Help Drivers Park More Easily

Night Vision System

NVS | Night Vision System

Improves a Driver’s Vision in Darkness or Poor Weather

Rear Collision Warning

RCW | Rear Collision Warning

Warns the Driver of Vehicles Coming Close to the Rear of Their Vehicle

Blind Spot Detection

BSD | Blind Spot Detection

Detects and Warns Driver of Vehicles in Either Driver or Passenger Rear Corners (Blind Spot)

Lane Departure Warning

LDW | Lane Departure Warning

Warns Driver when the Vehicle Drifts Out of Their Lane

ADAS Pedestrian

PD | Pedestrian Detection

Alerts the driver to the presence of a pedestrian in front of their vehicle

ADAS Parking Assist

APA | Automated Parking Assist

Provides audible, visual, or haptic
obstruction warnings during low-speed parking maneuvers

ADAS Traffic Sign

TSR | Traffic Sign Recognition

Recognizes traffic sign info and visually relays it to the driver

ADAS Systems

When is ADAS calibration required?

Whenever an ADAS sensor’s aiming is disrupted in any way, an ADAS calibration is required. Disruption can happen during a collision, even a minor fender bender, or as a result of common services like windshield replacement, suspension repair, or wheel alignment.

  • After Minor Collision
  • Collision Repair
  • Windshield or Side View Mirror Replacement
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Sensor/Mounting Bracket Replacement
  • Change In Ride Height or Tire Size
  • Related DTC Is Present
  • Front Airbag Deployment If Deflected Off Windshield
  • ADAS-related TSBs/Manufacturer Position Statement Requirements* 
  • Mechanical Procedures Like Radiator and Condenser Repairs That Require Removal of Front-Mounted Sensors

*Refer to NHTSA, the manufacturer or ADAS Tech Support for more information

ADAS Vehicle Calibration

Alignment and ADAS Calibration Are 2 Pieces Of The Same Puzzle

Every ADAS calibration should start with an alignment inspection, and every calibration requires the vehicle to be properly aligned. Today, eleven of the twenty-eight major auto manufacturers in North America require ADAS calibration following a wheel alignment, including Ford, Volkswagen, Jeep, Kia, Dodge, and Subaru. Explore Autel Alignment & ADAS Solutions.

Industry Forecast

The growth of the ADAS Market can be attributed to the increasing adoption of ADAS systems by OEMs for product differentiation and the ever-increasing issue of road safety. AAA and Consumer Reports report that 92 percent of new vehicles already have at least one ADAS system installed. 

In 2022, 30% of vehicles on North American roads were ADAS equipped, and it is projected that by 2025 nearly 50% will be ADAS equipped, and 75% by 2030.

Keep ADAS Work In Your Shop

If you are performing alignments but not ADAS, or subletting the alignment work before calibration, you are leaving potential revenue on the table. Adding the triple capabilities of the Autel IA900WA; Diagnostics + Alignment + ADAS Calibration in a single system can add an additional $357,854* in annual revenue. Evaluate your shop’s potential annual revenue using our ROI Calculator.

*Return on Investment varies based on service volume.

ADAS-Equipped Vehicles in North America

*Based on new car sales of 16 million annually

  • 2022 30% 30%
  • 2023 35% 35%
  • 2024 41% 41%
  • 2025 47% 47%
  • 2026 52% 52%
  • 2027 58% 58%
  • 2028 64% 64%
  • 2029 70% 70%
  • 2030 75% 75%

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