Total Care Program

Don’t miss out on valuable benefits & tool functionality

Keep your shop cruising without speed-bumps.

Stay current with the latest Autel software versions and increase the value of your investment with the Autel Total Care Program (TCP).

The Autel Total Care Program is much more than an extended warranty plan. When you subscribe to an Autel TCP, you’ll reduce out-of-pocket device repair costs as well as shop downtime. In addition, you’ll also get to take advantage of new features and functions as they roll out from Autel, including expanded coverage for the latest vehicle makes and models.

Updating your tool coverage is fast and easy and the Autel Total Care Program will keep your tool running and provide you unlimited access to the latest software and functionality for a full year.

Tool Function Upgrades

Get the latest technology from Autel

Extend Tool Warranty

Eliminate downtime and maximize functionality

Latest Vehicle Coverage

Service all the latest makes and models supported by Autel

Part NumberProduct DescriptionMSRP
MS9051YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS905$695.00
MS906T1YRTotal Care (TCP) for MS906PROTS$795.00
MS906P1YRTotal Care (TCP) for MS906PRO$695.00
MS9061YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS906$495.00
MS906S1YRTotal Care (TCP) for MS906S$395.00
MS906BT1YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS906BT$695.00
MS906CV1YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS906CV$795.00
MS906TS1YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS906TS$795.00
MS9081YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS908$895.00
MS908CV1YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS908CV$1295.00
MS908P1YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS908P$1295.00
MSELITE1YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MSElite$1295.00
MS9091YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS909$1295.00
MS9191YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for MS919$1495.00
MS909CV1YRUPTotal Care (TCP) for MS909CV$1495.00
TS6081YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for TS608$295.00
ITSUPDATEMaxiTPMS ITS600 Upgrade Card$124.50
IM5081YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for IM508$349.00
IM6081YRUPDATETotal Care (TCP) for IM608PROKPA$895.00

4 ways to enroll:

Updating your tool coverage with a full year TCP subscription is fast and easy. Choose one of four easy ways to renew your coverage and your Autel tool will be up and running with unlimited access to the latest software and functionality.

Total Care Program

Your authorized Autel dealer or retailer

Pick up a card and enter the number from the back.

Purchase directly on your tool

Renewing right from the tool is quick and easy.

Total Care Buy Directly
Total Care Account

Your Autel account

Visit and sign in with your Autel ID. Click the “Expired Software” link to identify which of your tools needs a software update.


Our friendly support staff are happy to guide you through the update process.

Total Care Support

1-855-AUTEL-US | 1-855-(288-3587)

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