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MaxiSYS Standard Frame ADAS System

Adjustable Calibration Frame and Tools

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is becoming standard equipment on today’s new vehicles. These systems are designed to assist drivers to prevent collisions by displaying alerts, providing camera images or by taking instantaneous control of the vehicle. Autel MaxiSys ADAS provides the original complete diagnostic functionality and comprehensive and precise ADAS calibration in a single system. Autel MaxiSys ADAS is an ideal calibration tool for collision repair, glass replacement, and repair shops.


Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Frame

The Autel calibration frame provides compatible use with vehicle leveling lifts by offering a taller than average extended adjustable height. Easily and precisely adjust calibration frame crossbar during leveling process to ensure vehicle is correctly centered and parallel while facing targets for calibration.

Frame packages do not include software to perform ADAS Calibration. Please order MaxiSys ADAS Tablet or software upgrade separately.

Calibration Frame

Interchangeable Calibration


Easily Interchangeable Calibration Components with Power Adjustable Frame

Precise Laser Positioning


Fine-tuning Hand Knob and Laser Positioning for Millimeter Ruler

Adjustable Calibration Frame


Even on an uneven floor, the calibration frame can be easily raised or lowered to be level with the vehicle


  • Bring ADAS calibrations in-house
  • Sturdy and secure frame
  • Adjustable frame and crossbar
  • Multimeter accuracy by rulers and laser positioning
  • Step-by-step software instructions


MaxiSYS ADAS Functions

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Control system to automatically adjust vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Control is based on sensor information from on-board sensors.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Warns driver when vehicle begins to move out of freeway lane. Designed to minimize causes collisions: driver error, distractions and drowsiness.

Night Vision

Night Vision (NV)

Uses a thermographic camera to increase a driver’s perception and seeing distance in darkness or poor weather beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights.

Around View Monitoring

Around View Monitoring (AVM)

Provides a virtual 360-degree scene of the car in bird’s-eye view. It assists drivers to park more easily by better understanding the vehicle’s surroundings.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Vehicle-based sensor function that detects other vehicles located to the driver’s side and vehicle rear, then post a proximity warning.

Rear Collision Warning

Rear Collision Warning (RCW)

Braking at standstill to avoid rear-end collisions. Alert when engine started and cannot turn off. Warn driver of vehicle approach from behind by rapid signal flash.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Vehicle-based sensor function that detects other vehicles located to the driver’s side and vehicle rear, then post a proximity warning.

MaxiSYS ADAS Potential Usage

Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement



Collision Repair

Collision Repair

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment


Precise MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Software

Based on the powerful MaxiSYS platform, Autel presents the MaxiSYS ADAS with the original complete diagnostic functions and comprehensive ADAS calibration. Combined with the service manual, the procedures are presented with graphic instruction. The MaxiSYSs tablet has the best possible OE-level diagnostic coverage to offer complete ADAS and diagnostic solutions for smarter repair and calibration.

Please order the calibration frame packages separately.

Diagnostic Solutions

Precise MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Software

Utilizing the 1.3GHz + 1.7GHz hexa-core processor, the MaxiSYS ADAS tablet doubles the speed with our revolutionary multitask-capable Android Operating System. Combined with the best possible OE-level diagnostic coverage, MaxiSYS tablet has evolved far beyond our original tool capabilities to offer complete ADAS and diagnostic solutions for smarter repairs and calibration.

ADAS Calibration Software

OE Diagnostic Coverage



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