Battery Tester Memory Saver

MaxiBAS BTMS Battery Tester Memory Saver

The Autel OBDII Memory Saver, is a polarity-protected cable that attaches to a 12 Volt backup battery to provide power via the OBDII/EOBD port to onboard electronics while the vehicle’s battery is disconnected, preventing vehicle data loss and saving the time and effort of re-coding systems. Features surge protection and three LEDs to indicate power supply status.

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  • Preserves Vehicle Codes and Electronic Presets When Replacing Battery
  • Enables Vehicle Computer to Be Powered and Maintain Data When Connected to Backup Vehicle Battery
  • Connects to Vehicle Via OBDII and to 12 Volt Battery with Alligator Clips
  • Features Surge Protection and LED Status Lights
  • One-Year Limited Warranty




What's Included

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