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As automotive technology advances, ADAS relies on front-facing cameras and sensors often positioned on or behind the windshield. Therefore, windshield repair or replacement requires precise ADAS calibration to ensure these safety systems function effectively. This highlights the critical link between glass repair and maintaining ADAS functionality in modern vehicles.

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ADAS systems are designed to increase driver safety and decrease the number and/or the severity of automotive accidents. According to a study conducted by AAA foundation, ADAS has the potential to prevent 40% of all vehicle crashes, 37% of injuries and 29% of vehicular deaths. Proper calibration of these critical safety systems can save lives and increase revenue for your shop.

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Whenever an ADAS sensor’s aiming is disrupted in any way, including windshield-mounted front-facing cameras, an ADAS calibration is required. Skipping ADAS and other safetycalibrations is dangerous. Start providing safer and more complete repairs for your customers.

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ADAS is the fastest growing segment in automotive repair, with 99 million ADAS equipped vehicles already on North American roads and 210 million projected by 2030. ADAS calibration is not going away — keep calibrations in-house. Evaluate your shop’s potential annual revenue using our ROI Calculator.

Recommended Systems for Glass Repair

Mobile ADAS Calibration


MA60020T Portable
And Affordable

The ultra-portable MA600 includes all targets to complete ADAScalibrations, including lane departure and forward-facing calibrations.

  • Portable ADAS Calibration System
  • Perform Vehicle LDW Camera Calibrations
  • Collapsible Aluminum Calibration Frame with Travel Case
  • Includes 2-Line Centering and 5-Line Alignment Lasers
  • Includes LDW Targets for Numerous Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Compatible Autel ADAS Tablet and MaxiSYS MS906BT Tablet Series and Higher when Upgraded with ADAS Software

In-shop Calibration


LDW30T Fast Setup in a Stationary Environment

The IA800 Standard ADAS System includes alignment pre-check andoptical ADAS positioning and calibration in a single workflow and system.

  • No More Mechanical Measures
  • 6 High-Resolution 3D Imaging Cameras
  • Two Cameras on Each End of Crossbar to Identify Wheel Targets
  • One Camera at Center of Crossbar to Measure Distance
  • One Camera for Self-Calibration
  • Measures Distance, Frame Angle and Frame Offset in 1 Step

Glass Shop Space Requirements

Precise Calibrations
Within as little as 10 feet

The majority of forward-facing camera calibrations can be performed with as little as 10 feet of available space in front of the vehicle, and 100% of forward-facing camera calibrations can be performed with 20 feet of available space.

Precise Calibration
Glass In-shop Marketing

In-Shop ADAS Marketing Kit

Considering the importance of proper calibration and maintenance of ADAS safety systems, and the unfamiliarity of this new technology, effectively communicating this information to drivers can be a challenge.

With this in mind, Autel has created an Intro to ADAS countertop tri-fold brochure and companion poster. Download the print-ready marketing kit below and bring to your local printer.

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The complete network of Autel reporting, diagnostics, repair, alignment, and ADAS tools can recoup your investment in as little as 30 days*.

*Return on investment varies based on service volume.

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