What if the Update list is loaded up?

Please go to System Settings-Storage, check if internal space is enough;
 Please go to System Settings–About tablet, check if MaxiUI version is too low;

If MaxiUI version is too low, you can use OSupdate apk. file (contact support for this file) to update the system version of the device to higher version first;

If internal space is not enough, please uninstall all software first, then download BMW, Benz, Audi one by one first before you download any other software.

If the space is still not enough, you can purchase a designated TF card and download BMW software into this TF Card

  • Only Sandisk TF card of 16G storage, class 10, 80MB/S is compatible with MaxiSys tools;
  • Only BMW can be downloaded into this TF Card;

If MaxiUI version is normal and internal space is enough, please upload data logs via MaxiTools for checking (refer to E. Upload data logs via MaxiTools).

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