Why did I receive a “Linking Error” message when using the OBDII software?

Check if the vehicle being tested is OBDII compliant (EOBD or JOBD is not supported)
Vehicles adopted the OBDII system at different times and in different regions around the world:

  • Europe: Adopted OBDII system since 2006
  • U.S.A: Adopted OBDII system since 1996
  • Asia: Adopted OBDII system since 2009

Check if any other OBDII compliant vehicles (US vehicles, Ford, GM, Chrysler are suggested) are communicating with the scanner or not; If other vehicles are communicating fine, it is most likely that the vehicle you are testing is NOT OBDII compliant.

If it is confirmed that the vehicle is OBDII complaint but you are still receiving a linking error, please provide the following details:

  • region/country
  • screenshot of About information of your device
  • VIN of your vehicle to our tech support
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