Why does the vehicle’s TPMS light display the messages “please check tire pressure” and “low-pressure condition”?

1. Ensure the tires’ air pressure is consistent with the vehicle manufacturers recommended pressure. The vehicle tire placard, located on the door jamb of the driver door, will list the recommended air pressure. Check the tires for wear and leakage. It is best to inflate tires when they are cold.

2. Inflate the tires to 10-15 kPa (1.5 to 2 Psi) above the air pressure recommended on the tire placard. Wait 15 minutes and deflate the tire to the recommended pressure. Never inflate the tire more than 30 percent of its recommended value.

It must be noted that:

1) The nominal tire pressure should never exceed the full load pressure, especially vehicles with modified tires; and

2) The vehicle should never be driven with over-inflated tires.

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