MX-Sensor 1 Sensor

Programmable, Universal TPMS Sensor with 99%Vehicle Compatibility and 1-SKU Inventory.

Autel IA900AST

Wheel alignment and
all systems ADAS

MaxiTPMS TS900

One tool.
Everything TPMS.

MaxiTPMS TS900

Activate, Read, and Relearn
99% of TPMS sensors on the road.

Autel Academy Training

EV Service & Maintenance Training

In-person Classroom and Hands-on Instruction. 2-Day In-depth EV Service & Maintenance classes are booking now.


Autel automotive diagnostics tools use smart technology to quickly identify and resolve trouble codes, discover fixes and complete repairs efficiently. With coverage for all major automotive makes and models and with frequent coverage and feature updates, this is the cutting edge of automotive repair.

Automotive Diagnostic Tools
ADAS and Wheel Alignment


ADAS is the fastest growing segment in automotive repair, with 99 million ADAS equipped vehicles already on North American roads and 210 million projected by 2030. ADAS should no longer be considered extra bells and whistles — it’s here to stay.

ADAS Revenue

Calculate your ADAS revenue potential

Adding all capabilities of the single system Autel IA900WA to your shop’s workflow can recoup your investment in as little as 30 days*.

*A 20% Labor Cost Is Included In All Calculations.
  ROI Varies Based On Service Volume.

TPMS Solutions

Autel tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), wireless programmable TPMS sensors, and tire tread-depth examiners will keep you on top of the tire conditions of one vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles. Rule the road and never suffer tire blowout again.

TPMS Solutions
Key Fob Programming

Key Programming

Looking to expand the services of your shop? No longer the domain of dealerships, Autel key programmers put the power of a locksmith in your hand. Program automotive keys and fobs with the touch of a button.

Car Battery Service

Battery Service

Knowing when to change and service a battery can prevent serious problems on the road. Autel has you covered with battery testing and service tools that cover all battery types, whether for internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrid, or electric vehicles (EVs).

Autel Academy Training

Autel Academy Technical Training

Comprehensive in-person classroom and technical training for ADAS, Diagnostic and EV Diagnostic training now available. Our 2-day training course is intended for current or future owners of Autel equipment.

We’ve Got
You Covered

Autel’s award-winning U.S.-based Tech Support team lives to answer your automotive questions. They have access to a vehicle repair garage right in the office and are always learning the latest advances in automotive technology. Professional automotive shops, commercial fleets, and D.I.Y. enthusiasts alike are encouraged to contact us.

Autel Tech Support
ASE Technicians

Company Reviews

Way excellent to deal with! I thought it was going to be a pain but Jodie made all my worries go away. Thank You
Cheyne McDonald
December 8, 2023.
Jodie was very knowledgeable and friendly. Even when he got stumped for a while over my problem, he let me know what was going on and worked through it. He is a real asset to Autel.
Stephen Voeks
November 28, 2023.
I just had a great experience with tech support. Jodie assisted me to update software, which I was not able to do online. The process was smooth, efficient and seamless. Jodie was attentive, courteous, helpful, and entertaining. It was just the type of interaction that I needed on a busy day!
David Bergeron
November 21, 2023.
Juan R was absolutely amazing at solving my concern in a timely, knowledgeable, and professional manner!! Definitely recommend Autel to others!
Doug McMillan
November 13, 2023.
Fellow mechanics. If you are here looking for reviews for Autel, I can assure you they are top notch. Recently, I had a need to replace my Autel MX808 due to theft. I needed to get my work truck a DPF regen and i could not wait to order one so I, after 15 years of Autel, bought a Innova 5610 pro. It stated it did DPF regen on their website for my truck but, it didn't. I have tried without success to contact Innova and can't get anyone to contact me back in almost a week. I'm out $420 and will tell you all right here and now... NEVER buy Innova. Stay with AUTEL. I wish I had the choice to buy one local and not order it or I would have never left the fold. Autel, I am sorry I Now I know better. Your service and products are awesome.
Hawkeye Darrin
October 31, 2023.
Autel Joe is one of the best in America and working with him on the Autel Tech support hotline has made getting into this industry feel safer. Thanks to Autel Joe.. I feel Autel has the best customer support for all locksmiths.
Astaroth Ragnarok
October 21, 2023.
Great Company and even better to have on your team! Fantastic customer service and EXTREMELY knowledgeable staff!
David Krause
October 21, 2023.
Jodie's patience & experience with Autel Products and Services put us in the right direction for servicing 2017 and up Dodge Chrysler Jeep Vehicles. Thank You Jodie !! We know who to call when we need assistance and service !!
Rob Jokic
October 19, 2023.
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