Innovation Award Profile: Autel IA900AST Wheel Alignment and All Systems ADAS Machine

Q & A with Stewart Peregrine, senior executive of ADAS sales for Autel.

Originally published by Vehicle Service Pros, May 13, 2024

In this video, PTEN Editor Emily Markham is joined by Stewart Peregrine, the senior executive of sales for ADAS at Autel.


Q: What makes this product so innovative?

A: We spend a considerable amount of time listening to the customer and looking at the customer workflow — so what’s the work that needs to be done? We also looked at all the OEM information that’s required to finish repairs, and we took all that information and designed a system that helps the technician through each of the steps easily. We also added, we like to call it “enhanced OEM.” We take the OEM information, and then we enhance upon the procedure. What that means for the technician is an easier placement of targets, so that they ensure that the target is in the right spot, and then also it validates the work that was done. It’s kinda like turning in your homework assignment to the teacher. It shows all the work that was done. And so, from the ease-of-use standpoint for the technician, and then from the shop owner, and even insurance carriers and customers alike, it’s the assurance that the procedures were done correctly and put into documentation that makes sense.

Q: How will this product improve the lives of technicians and shop owners?

A: From a business standpoint because of the ease of use, the technicians that are required to operate the equipment can be somebody as simple as someone just getting into the field. You can put them on this equipment, and they can exceed expectations. So that’s a win-win all the way around, especially in the environment that we’re in.
It’s an exciting time for anybody getting into the industry. The ADAS component is unique, it’s exciting, and it’s very profitable. So, for anyone looking to get into the industry, I would take a hard look at ADAS in general and look at the types of equipment that are out there now, like the IA900, to help your job and help businesses alike make the revenue that’s needed.

Q: What has been the feedback from technicians who’ve purchased this tool?

A: Because of the workflow and the incorporation of all the work that needs to be done and the steps in the tool, it’s been very, very positive. We have a ton of customers out there who have been loyal to other brands and now have come Autel’s direction.

Q: Anything else our readers should know?

A: If you have questions on anything don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can fill those gaps if you just don’t know. If you wanna speak to people who are experiencing the equipment, we can direct you in that direction. We believe customer testimonials are everything. You can listen to us. We wanna direct you in the right direction, but let’s get you directed to people who are using it, get their feedback, and make your own decisions on your investments, in your shop.


Each year PTEN celebrates new and innovative products for shops and technicians with its Innovation Awards. The Autel IA900AST Wheel Alignment and All Systems ADAS Machine is one of this year’s highest-scoring winners. The machine is able to guide technicians through an all-systems diagnostic scan, digital chassis and tire inspection, four-wheel alignment, and ADAS calibrations.


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